Desikote - Preventing Winter Burn

If you are having winter burn issues on your broadleaf evergreens, using a plant stress protectant like Desikote. It is very effective because it reduces the effects of cold desiccation by forming a clear, protective film on the surface of the plant. This damage is caused by drying winds and frozen ground, which deprives plants of their natural moisture intake. Now (Fall Season) is the time to apply the product.

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Herbicide Resistance


Weed control is probably the most difficult part of landscape maintenance and the last thing we want to hear about is resistance to herbicides. This has been a big problem for years in agriculture and it costs the industry megabucks every year in lost crops and expensive new herbicides.

US EPA Biopesticides Registration

Gardner 2012 Fiesta Final Report


7 Tips for Choosing the Right Back Pack Sprayer

Finding the right backpack sprayer for YOUR Business is KEY! 

There are many backpack sprayers on the market, how do you know which is most suited for your use?

Learn the difference between sprayers, how to be efficient and customize a sprayer just for you!

Take a look at this series of field demonstration videos from John Grande, PH.D. of Rutgers NJ

Agricultural Experimental Station. CLICK HERE - 7 Tips for Choosing the Right Backpack Sprayer

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Backpack Sprayer



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